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HIV/AIDS Hotline:

Toll Free and Confidential: 1-800-541-AIDS
Call for facts—call for help
Gratis Y Confidential: 1-800-233-7432
Solicite informaciones o asistencia

Fact v. Fiction: Do you know how HIV is transmitted:

Poz Transmission Facts:

Why is Early Identification of HIV so Important?

AIDS Meds Article:

Health disparities mean that communities are disproportionately impacted.

How is your community affected by HIV/AIDS?

Gay/Bi men (general):
Gay/Bi men (young adult):
HIV/AIDS Epidemic in the US:
Black Americans:

General Information:

CDC Act Against AIDS:

National HIV/AIDS Strategy:

Need help learning you HIV status?
Get and HIV test. Let us help you.

HIV Testing FAQs:

Get Tested:

Find information about FREE & ANONYMOUS HIV testing:

Call for an appointment: 1 800 462-6786 OR use the link to find Confidential HIV Testing near you.

Our EIS hotline can help address your concerns about testing and your test result: 631-891-5115 Know your status and making testing part of your routine. We can attend your testing appointment and initial office visits if diagnosed as positive. If you feel nervous for any reason, please call us, let's talk about it! All of our services are free & confidential. You must take the first step: make the phone call! We will be there with you for the next steps that you need to take!

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