Help restore funding for Thursday’s Child AIDS Services Access Program.

I am deeply saddened to inform you that County Executive Bellone has completely stripped our funding line in his Recommended 2017 Operating Budget.

This will effectively mean the end of our 25-year record of serving People Living with HIV/AIDS. Our services will end on New Year’s Eve this year; our staff of four dedicated persons will lose their livelihoods; our office will shutter by March 1st of 2017.

In brief, Suffolk County will not only lose its ONLY dedicated HIV/AIDS supportive services provider, it will also lose federal funds that Thursday’s Child receives as part of the federal ‘Ryan White’ aid to Long Island.

Why is Thursday’s Child unique?
Yes, there are other agencies that provide medical services, some offer care coordination, others mental health counseling, others have some housing, some advocacy, some serve only women, only LGBT, only minorities...we serve all. None offers the essential, basic, humane supportive services directly to all Long Islanders living with HIV/AIDS that we do.

They rely upon us to provide vital support to keep their patients healthy and in care.

We serve all persons who can verify their HIV status.

Beds, furniture, food, housing, warmth, cooling, clothing, personal hygiene, transportation…. these are not abstract ideas. These are not services tailor-made for public relations or flashy media displays – these are real people’s requests: your neighbors, your constituents and heaven knows, maybe someone you know personally.

What can I do?
To make a tax-deductible donation in which 100% of the gift goes directly to our charitable work, click here to Donate Now!

Call these eight Suffolk Legislators at least once each; it does not matter where you live because Thursday’s Child services ALL of Suffolk County!

These people have the power to restore funding – but only will if we get public support!

Legislators: Al Krupski 631-852-3200
Kara Hahn
Rob Calarco
Monica Martinez 631-853-3700
Leslie Kennedy 631-854-3735
Robert Trotta 631-854-3900
Steve Stern
Lou D’
DuWayne Gregory 631-854-1111

Gregory L Noone, Program Manager
Thursday's Child of LI

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