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Thursday's Child continues to offer much needed and compassionate support. Into the fourth decade of the epidemic, the provision of supportive services has changed along with the prioritization of need. While much progress has been made over the years, we are reminded daily that it is not over yet.

We have come so far, but still have further to go.

To become familiar with TC's programs, please visit the "Services" section. You can use the links on the "Forms/Documents" section to fill out an in-take to the ASAP Access or Early Intervention Service programs. Please do not email your medical records. Your confidentiality is assured at our office!

Please note that calls or mail from this office does not indicate an HIV status; however, please inform us of the way that you would like to be contacted. In particular, the EIS program supports prevention efforts and works to reduce stigma by contacting those who are HIV + and HIV – . Please visit our "Services" section for EIS info!

Please visit the "About TC" section to learn more about the agency's history and mission: during a time when doors were literally shut, TC opened them. Remember to "like" the TC facebook page and subscribe to all TC social media! Check our events calendar and the links to our wonderful community supporters on a regular basis. Please share the word and help support TC and the much needed direct client services provided to our neighbors in need. And we do look forward to hearing from you, so please find our office information in the "Contact Us" section.

Together we have come so far; yet still, the cause has far to go.

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