Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. - Margaret Mead

Who We Are

Thursday’s Child was founded in 1989 by a small group of thoughtful and committed people; people who cared, people who embodied the notion of compassion.

Our Agency remains committed to those we serve and hope that you may share your talents and time to help make the lives of your neighbours a little better.

There is no task too small. From collecting pennies to buy food, to professional grant writing; from data-entry, to joining our corporate Board of Directors – we ask you to volunteer to you ability!


What you need to know

Is that Thursday’s Child has a very small office. (We could really use a bigger one, but that is one large volunteer project...). Our reputation among our clients is excellent because we highly value and jealously guard our clients’ confidentiality.

Translation : for those who may wish to volunteer at the office, discretion is not only polite, it is mandatory. We maintain a strict Privacy Policy. Clients discuss deeply personal issues with Staff; as space is limited here, we must limit the amount and times that volunteers can be physically at the office. Confidentiality Agreements are discussed, agreed upon, signed and witnessed; including staff and volunteers. Making public our clients’ medical records is illegal and subject to fines and/or jail. This office operates under strict adherence to HIPAA confidentiality. What is said in the rooms stays in the rooms.

Thankyou for sharing your knowledge and your time; ‘Thursday’s Child has far to go’...the journey is made easier with your help!

Why intern at Thursdays Child?

Thursday’s Child was founded in 1989 by a small group of thoughtful and committed people; people who cared, people who embodied the notion of compassion.

Today our staff and clientele continue to work within these principles. At Thursdays Child we have several different programs that you can choose to become involved with.

  • Early Intervention Service: for newly diagnosed or out-of-care persons
  • Safety Net: emergency financial assistance
  • Community Outreach: risk/reduction and prevention education
  • AIDS Services Access Program: benefits advocacy & referrals
  • HIV / AIDS Housing
  • Holiday Magic program

To find out more about these programs please refer to our Services Page on this website’

What will I learn interning at Thursdays Child?

You will learn how to operate within an organization that puts the client’s needs first. At Thursdays Child you can be part of the continued progress toward ending the HIV epidemic, as we are in a time when we can envision this goal through outreach/education, linkage to care, and other supportive services.

How does Thursdays Child operate?

We start with our Mission Statement:

“The mission of Thursday's Child is to develop, to coordinate, and to provide services for People Living with and affected by HIV/AIDS on Long Island”.

We stand by this mission and if you would like to learn to serve the PLWH/A community in this way also please call (631) 447-5044 Ext: 105 or email george@thursdayschildofli.org.

To Become A Volunteer, please fill in the form below to get in touch with us