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Thursday’s Child is here to help meet the most essential and humane needs. Direct client services are provided through AIDS Services Access Program and the Early Intervention Service program. Advocacy, referrals, education and outreach are components of all programs. All services are free and confidential for eligible clients.

All services are free & confidential. Linkage to care, HIV info, referrals, benefits advocacy & assistance

The disease and side effects of the medications take a toll on the body. Until there is a cure no one can be left without the basic means to access and maintain life-saving care. The Safety Net Program (ASAP) helps close gaps that exist in the social service system. Safety Net Services depend on the generosity of our donors and include, but are not limited to: food vouchers, transportation vouchers, personal hygiene packages, children’s needs/holiday gifts, winter clothing, respite care, and any available items evaluated as necessary to create a healthy and stable environment. Although it may seem abstract, dignity is a key component of maintaining access to HIV care: lacking our basic needs being met, how can one continue to adhere to care? Moreover, coordination of services ensures that needs are meet most effectively, and TC holds Memorandums of Agreement with dozens of agencies across Long Island. TC works closely with other service providers and has the ability to thoroughly assess clients’ needs in order to remove barriers to care.

The Early Intervention Service (EIS) program can help newly diagnosed individuals manage the initial stages of gaining and maintaining access to medical care and supportive services. For more than a decade, the overall and all-too-high rate of new infections has stagnated; in some communities, it has increased. EIS engages with “at risk” communities to reduce the rate of transmission. Universal testing is an important prevention measure. If initiated as early as possible, linkage to care maximizes health outcomes for someone HIV + and it helps prevent new infections.

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