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Pride Alliance of Long Island

The Mission of Pride Alliance of Long Island is to help create an atmosphere of tolerance, diversity and understanding between Long Island’s GLBTIQ Community and our Heterosexual neighbors.

The Long Island Community Fellowship

The Long Island Community Fellowship,, is a great friend to the community; they provide food/pantry service and counselling to all who ask.

Miles Ahead

Donate your car to help others

United Way of Long Island

United Way of Long Island celebrates 40 years of changing lives!

Outlook Long Island

The premier GLBT magazine on Long Island and another supporter of Thursday's Child. Look for their magazines at various distribution points or visit them on the web.

RS Jones Restaurant

Established in 1993, RS Jones Restaurant [orginally known as Rattlesnake Jones] was created by Margaret Mueller & Carole Olkoski. Their dream was to build a unique space where people could come and find comfort in the food. The love of country music inspi

Imperial Court of New York

We are humbly grateful to have the support of Their Most Imperial Sovereign Majesties!

Jerome Robbins Foundation & Robbins Rights Trust

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